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Feb 04 2010

Hello Again!

Hello again TFA blogging universe! Now that I’ve been teaching for several months, and that the 2010 CMs have exploded onto the TeachFor.Us scene, I thought it was time to bring back the ol’ blog.

Well, it never actually left. The real website is at, but I’m going to start double posting the content, so I can link to other TFA blogs more easily.

Hopefully I can figure out how to change the ol’ username too.

Congrats to my new compatriots!

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  1. Roxanne

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the advice on the car registration. I called for an insurance quote using an Uptown zip code, then my wallet spent two hours crying.

    Regardless, it’s nice to find an 09 CM GNO blog so that I can get a better idea of exactly what I’ve gotten myself into! And my dad lives in a small town an hour outside Columbus, so I’m a big Buckeye fan!

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