Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap

Ok, so I was only a few days late…that isn’t bad, as far as arbitrary deadlines for this website go.
The Great TFA Survey is now live and active, and you can find it here:
PLEASE, pass this link along to other TFA people you know. Email it. Put it on your facebook. Put it on other people’s facebook. Put it on your TeachFor.Us blog, your twitter, your graffiti, whatever. We have a few suspicions about how the data will play out, and we hope that we can use this to help support other people in the work, but we can only do it if we get a big result. If we reach our response goal, I’ll start giving away some teacher swag. It is nearly Christmas after all.
So if you are in TFA…or WERE in TFA, please tell us about your experience. We…

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Nov 30 2010

Rule By Fear?

(Note, thanks for your TFA Survey Question suggestions, please keep them coming, the survey will go live in a week!) It’s been a weird few days. Me and my sister spent the better part of the previous 48 hours in the hospital, thanks to a sudden onslaught of the stomach flu (there is no more…

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Nov 19 2010

The Great TFA Survey: Suggestion Box

Hi everybody, it’s good to be back. I spent the last few months working as a campaign staffer for Joe Donnelly’s (Indiana’s 2nd district) reelection campaign. I’m glad to be off the campaign trail, and back in the regular world, whatever that is. As always, thanks for your comments, emails, suggestions and support. Me and…

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Oct 20 2010

Hard Liquor for the Teacher’s Soul

I get a lot of email from this website. Mostly, it’s from spammers who want to trade links with me (dude, I run this totally fly underground hip hop site…we should trade links, we can boost traffic and be UNSTOPPABLE!). Sometimes I get emails from TFAers who are trying to figure out how to quit,…

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Sep 27 2010

Quitting TFA Part II

Before I get into the nitty gritty of quitting, let me reiterate what I said in my last post. I do not recommend quitting right now. Even though many of your school situations are hopelessly dysfunctional, many of the things that make your day to day life miserable are correctable. Furthermore, leaving in the middle…

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Sep 08 2010

Thinking of Quitting TFA? Part I

Hi everybody, I’ve noticed this blog has been getting a lot of hits from folks who have also quit TFA, or have just started and are thinking about quitting. I’m going to write a much longer essay on this process this weekend, but I have a few thoughts for all those CMs who are having…

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Jun 21 2010

Dear 2010s…

I went out and “liked” the TeachFor.Us page on facebook a few weeks ago, so each wonderful new post cheerfully pops up in my newsfeed. I skim most of them, and it appears that the website is dominated by our new influx of 2010 CMs joining the blogosphere, first cutting their teaching teach at Institute.…

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May 23 2010

Bourbon Street Blues

I’ve been cleaning out my apartment these past few days, in final preparation for my upcoming move. Despite not owning too much, I will always be amazed by the sheer volume of stuff that accumulates in an apartment if left unchecked. I found all sorts of stuff wedged under my bed, behind my desk, and…

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May 18 2010

Why I Quit Teach for America

A few months ago, our class read Bud, Not Buddy (an excellent book, I must say) together. Looking back on it, this was one of the few brighter spots of my classroom experience, since a few of my students told me that this was the first story that they really got into. It was also…

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May 16 2010

CM stories Volume II-Life in SoDak

Us TFAers are a pretty data and goal orientated people. We’re here to close the achievement gap, which we define as the gap in ability (as measured by test scores) between rich and poor, white and minority, in public school classrooms. We accomplish that getting Significant Gains (more than 1.5 years growth as defined by…

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